Criminal Defense Attorney Richmond VA

When faced with a serious criminal charge it is imperative to contact a criminal defense attorney for advice and representation right away. Hesitating to contact an attorney runs the risk of losing evidence, witnesses scattering or being arrested, and the prosecution setting you in their crosshairs. Early engagement with a criminal defense lawyer has a way of keeping the most serious charges from being filed against you. Which is why the best strategy in these situations is to obtain legal advice before an arrest or indictment.

Our criminal defense lawyers work hard to protect you from exposure to serious charges in cases including:

  • Violent crimes such as murder, homicide, malicious wounding, assault, domestic violence, or weapons offenses
  • Sex crimes ranging from forcible rape or sexual assault to possession of child pornography, internet solicitation of a minor, or statutory rape
  • Fraud and financial crimes such as embezzlement, false statements, insurance fraud, mortgage fraud, health care fraud, or money laundering
  • Drug offenses ranging from simple possession to trafficking or conspiracy to distribute marijuana, cocaine, crack, ecstasy, methamphetamine, or unauthorized prescription drugs and painkillers
  • Drunk driving offenses such as DUI, repeat offender DUI, or felony DUI involving fatal accidents or serious bodily harm

Our criminal defense law firm in Richmond believes firmly in aggressive engagement with the prosecution from the beginning. We will investigate the facts to support your strongest defense at trial and make sure that you are included in the process every step of the way. Our attorneys work closely with you, ensuring that you understand all of your options and the most likely plea negotiation for the charges you are facing.

For highly skilled and energetic criminal defense services on felony and serious misdemeanor charges, contact a trial lawyer at the Richmond criminal law firm of Cravens & Noll.

Facing Criminal Charges? Remain Silent!:

If you have had any police contact — an arrest, formal criminal charges, or the police stopping by to “ask you a few questions” — the best course of action is to remain silent. The privilege not to speak is a constitutional right, and the wisest choice when criminal charges could be brought against you. If you are arrested, immediately retain counsel and say no more, Your words will be used against you.

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