Assault and Battery

Experienced Virginia Attorneys Defending You Against Violent Crime Charges

Being arrested and charged with assault and battery is a serious matter. A criminal record could derail your entire life, future job prospects as well as family and personal relationships. When the charges are of this magnitude, do not trust your criminal defense to inexperienced attorneys.

We handle hundreds of violent crime cases every year and take our clients’ matters very seriously. Our Richmond criminal defense lawyers will do everything possible to minimize the damage to your life.

Two Sides to Every Criminal Defense Case

When defending criminal defense cases two situations will arise, the collaborative aspect and the combative.

In assault and battery cases we will first try to to approach the situation with collaborative litigation. This scenario focuses on everyone working together, which helps save families, friendships and other important relationships for our clients. The collaborative approach includes trying to negotiate with the other parties, calling the victims and working with the prosecutor to reach a potential plea agreement.

When the collaborative approach doesn’t work, we grit our teeth and fight for our clients’ rights. In the combative aspect we will fight until the very end for our client to achieve the best results. While we cannot promise specific results, we can promise that no court will take advantage of your rights as long as we can do something about it.

Whether the situation calls for collaboration or aggressive litigation, we are prepared to do whatever it takes within the bounds of the law to get the best outcome for our clients.

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