Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a national problem, and the court system strictly enforcing the laws in these cases. The potential negative side effects for someone charged with domestic violence can be devastating to their life, career, family and personal liberties:

  • Criminal consequences: conviction of domestic violence carries possible fines and jail time. Further, the Lautenberg Amendment prohibits anyone who is convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence from ever possessing a firearm.
  • Family consequences: On the domestic side, possible consequences include being prohibited from seeing your spouse, the loss of your parental rights to see your children, and even divorce.
  • Career: Employers generally don’t want to hire someone who has been convicted of domestic violence, so this conviction could seriously limit your job prospects. Due to the Lautenberg Amendment, people whose jobs depend on the use of firearms — police, corrections officers, security offices, and military personnel — have severe limitations going forward in their professions.

Considering these potential consequences, you need the best criminal defense representation possible. Our Richmond criminal defense lawyers understand the seriousness of the situation, and we do not take it lightly.

Experience Working for You

Our defense attorneys have handled countless domestic violence cases with a very high degree of success in the face of potentially detrimental circumstances. Our criminal defense lawyers are often successful in limiting the effect of the Lautenberg Amendment and in protecting the criminal records of the accused. Similar to our approach in other violent crime cases like assault and battery, we begin our approach in a collaborative way with a view towards keeping the family intact whenever possible. When the collaborative approach doesn’t work, we prepare to aggressively defend our clients’ rights at trial.

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