Drug Possession & Distribution

If you’ve been arrested with drugs, or if you think you are going to be arrested soon, you need to contact a criminal defense lawyer. Drug possession & distribution or other drug-related charges, have serious consequences. At Cravens and Noll, we can work with the arresting officer, the prosecutor and other players involved to help your case even before formal charges are issued.

We will provide you with valuable advice on how to manage the situation and minimize the damage to your life, your family and your career.

The lawyers at Cravens and Noll have experience defending drug-related charges in both state and federal court:

  • Simple possession
  • Drug trafficking
  • Conspiracy to distribute cocaine, marijuana, meth and other illegal drugs
  • Prescription drug fraud

Our criminal defense attorneys are very experienced at litigating these cases, including at national and international levels. Our team works with confidential informants, sting operations, and drug house and lab raids.  Over the years we have crafted defenses that have resulted in acquittals, reduced charges, or plea agreements that significantly reduce exposure to jail or prison sentences.

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