Identity Theft

Identity theft is a white collar crime that has become more common in recent history. The use of computers to control and track nearly every aspect of our finances and personal data has led many individuals to worry about their security. This concern has led to an increase in arrests, which is why people need to be able to turn to an experienced lawyer to defend them against these allegations.

Cravens & Noll, through our lead white collar crimes attorney J. Thompson Cravens, is known as an experienced legal resource in this area. Mr. Cravens has 24 years experience as a state, military and federal prosecutor. His understanding of the prosecution’s case and arguments allows him to develop a defense strategy that anticipates their strategies.

Identity Fraud Attorney:

Recent legislation has made identity theft one of the newest offenses that has mandatory jail time in state and federal courts. If you believe you are under investigation for identity theft, it is necessary to act quickly and consult with an experienced lawyer. We can work with the prosecution to determine whether or not cooperative efforts are possible with the ultimate goal of minimizing your exposure to criminal sanctions. Members of our firm are experienced white collar crimes attorneys, and they understand the type of case strategy that is necessary to defend you.

It is important to remember that if you have been arrested, you are not required to cooperate with investigators. You have a right to remain silent, and we strongly encourage you to wait until your attorney is present before speaking with law enforcement. Our experience is your greatest asset.

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