Military Administrative Law

Like the federal government, the Department of Defense (DOD) has a complete military administrative law process. There are a myriad of federal and Department of Defense regulations that govern everything from DOD contracting though claims against the government. These processes are litigated through the following:

Servicemembers can be discharged from service administratively and by court-martial. Our firm offers exceptional representation to those who need to have their rights protected and their interests advocated in dealing with a wide range of administrative law issues.

Attorneys at Cravens & Noll are prepared to guide you and your case through the administrative process and the complex regulations and rules that will apply to your case.

If you are battling the DOD and their myriad of military attorneys and civilian legal specialists who are no less the legal experts in their field, you need the former military judge advocates at Cravens & Noll to even the playing field.

Contact a Virginia Military Case Law Lawyer at Cravens & Noll

If you are facing military administrative action, you need to take steps to assure that your rights are vigorously protected. Our experienced attorneys can help pursue the best possible resolution to your case. Turn to the experienced Richmond military administrative law lawyers of Cravens & Noll. To schedule an initial consultation, call 804-332-6161 or toll free at 866-547-6373, or simply contact us online.

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