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Our family law lawyers represent clients in all aspects of divorce litigation. Whether there are children involved, significant financial assets, or complex situations like military retirement & benefits, we are always ready to protect our clients’ interests.

In some cases, clients are able to reach a settlement on all of the issues. However, our family law attorneys understand that sometimes the only option is the litigate the case. Our family law lawyers in Dinwiddie are always ready to aggressively fight for our client’s rights, and our lawyers are very experienced in contested divorces, child custody, visitation, and support litigation, give you a substantial advantage.

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Our divorce lawyers will advise you whether you should proceed with a contested case or consider a Property Settlement Agreement (PSA), sometimes referred to as a Separation Agreement. Virginia law allows you to take whichever approach suits you best. We can help you work through a PSA that settles most or all of the following issues: property division, spousal support, child support, child custody, and visitation. The PSA should be negotiated and executed on the basis of full and accurate disclosure of each spouse’s assets, liabilities, and income.

For spouses with children, the PSA can be presented in court one year after it was signed, and a no-fault divorce is granted. If there are no children of the marriage, the divorce can be granted six months after legal separation.

Sometimes the hard way is inevitable. If you anticipate difficult issues with respect to the division of property, contested child custody issues, alimony problems, or any other matter that will need to be resolved eventually, we will give you a solid understanding of your rights and responsibilities and let you call the shots from there.


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Client Testimonials

” I would highly recommend Cravens and Noll to anyone in need of legal services. David E. Noll took on my divorce and subsequent bankruptcy. He was very friendly and professional as well as extremely knowledgeable about both processes. ”
-Jesse Burgess

“Cravens and Noll stood beside and helped me during one of the worst experiences of my Life. They are a group of folks that are not only true legal professionals but are great human beings as well. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Not to use their Jingle but it is true.. They are my Lawyers for life.. Many thanks to all the fine folks at Cravens and Noll.”
-John Kandris

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