Bankruptcy & Garnishment

Don’t Wait Until Your Wages Are Being Garnished

Many people wait too long to seek out help when dealing with financial issues, for many different reasons. People often avoid talking to an attorney about debt-relief options, this decision can have negative consequences. Many think that bankruptcy & garnishment always go together and waiting to talk to an attorney about debt-relief options can lead to creditors taking out wage garnishments from your paycheck, without seeking counsel.

However, if you call us right away, there is a better chance we can prevent wage garnishments from happening. Wage garnishments do not happen overnight. The creditor must first go through a lengthy legal process before garnishing your pay, which includes getting a legal judgment against you in court.

Will Bankruptcy Stop Wage Garnishments?

Yes and no. Filing for bankruptcy will not automatically stop all forms of wage garnishments. There is good news, though:

  • Breathing room: When you file for bankruptcy, there is a legal stay that prohibits creditors from continuing their collections activities throughout the bankruptcy process. This will give you some breathing room.
  • Stop garnishments in many cases: Although it is not a guarantee, most people who file for bankruptcy can get the garnishments to stop.
  • Recover past garnished money: In many cases we can go back and get money that has already been garnished.
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