Ending Creditor Harassment

Millions of Americans, in today’s challenging economy, are faced with more debt than they ever had in the past. Creditors, worried that they are not going to get paid for medical bills or credit card bills, contact these individuals to remind them that a payment is due.

Unfortunately, these calls can quickly take on a harassing tone and frequency. When your debt is spiraling out of control, it is important to remember that you still have rights. Contact a debt relief attorney at our firm for a more detailed discussion regarding the options available to you.

Automatic Stay Attorney

There are two main protections available to individuals suffering through dire financial crises:

  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act: Even before an individual makes the decision to file for bankruptcy, Congress has ensured that creditors follow very strict rules about how debtors are treated. This act details many guidelines that a creditor must follow including when they can call, who they can call and what they can say. Many creditors will attempt to contact you at work, or threaten you with criminal prosecution. These activities are against the law and an experienced attorney can inform you of all of your protections.
  • Automatic stay: Once bankruptcy is filed, the automatic stay begins. At this point, all debt collection practices must end. This includes harassing phone calls, garnishments or lawsuits. If a creditor attempts to contact you after you have filed for bankruptcy, simply state the name of your attorney.

Once individuals understand their protections, they often feel an immediate sense of relief. After a detailed and thorough investigation of your finances, our lawyers can provide legal advice about your best course of action.

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