Why You Need an Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney

Peace of Mind

Why hire a Bankruptcy Lawyer? If there is one single reason, it is peace of mind. You are free to go through the bankruptcy process without the help of an attorney, but there is no substitute for working with a lawyer who knows the bankruptcy law and has the confidence that comes from knowing you are working with an experienced professional who truly knows how to get you the best outcome possible.

When you come into one of our offices — located in Chesterfield County. Henrico County and Colonial Heights, Virginia — you will work with one of our attorneys right away, not a paralegal or assistant. We provide exceptional service to our clients, while always maintaining our dedication to keeping our fees and costs reasonable.

Explanations | Answers to Your Questions | Experienced Counsel

Our attorneys take time with our clients to explain the process and the law. We know that an essential aspect of our role as bankruptcy lawyers is to give our clients an understanding of the bankruptcy process.

We have a flowchart in our office breaking down the entire bankruptcy process into nine simple steps. Our clients love it. They come in for their free initial consultation, totally confused about everything they’re facing, and they leave with an action plan, skilled attorneys on the case, and a clear understanding of what’s happening. You can’t get that kind of understanding and security without the help of an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.  Cravens & Noll

Richmond Bankruptcy Attorneys - Free Consultations

We do not think you should have to pay us for our job interview.

If you are looking for a lawyer, beware of lawyers who charge for initial consultations. We see the initial consultation as our chance to tell you about our services and, hopefully, win your trust so you hire us. It is our job interview. You should beware of any firm that charges you for their job interview. Before you know it, they’ll be charging you for their coffee breaks.

We work hard to keep our fees and costs reasonable.

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