Experienced Adoption Attorneys Helping People in Glen Allen, Luray, Colonial Heights and Harrisonburg.

Adoption should be joyous occasion for both the adoptive parent and the child/children. Sadly, they are also extremely complicated legal processes, and are rarely a simple process.

The Richmond family law attorneys at Cravens & Noll will guide you through the legal minefield of the adoption process. In most cases the process will begin in the juvenile and domestic relations court where the rights of the parents will be terminated and legal guardianship and custody will be established.

Agency Adoption Attorney

Our Virginia’s family law attorneys will assist you with the process and prepare you for such formalities as home studies or communication with adoption agencies. We have experience communicating with Social Services and other agency that may affect your situation.

After completing the initial process the case will progress to circuit court where the actual adoption will be finalized. Richmond adoption lawyers at Cravens & Noll have had great success in completing the adoption process, a fact that our firm takes great pride and pleasure in helping individuals expand their families.

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