Asset Protection

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Asset protection is possible, even in the face of divorce. An experienced Richmond asset protection attorney can help you preserve the assets you have worked so hard to accumulate, before and through your marriage.

Virginia’s asset protection attorneys at Cravens & Noll have a great deal of experience guiding clients through nearly all facets of family law matters. We understand that a divorce will untangle both emotional and financial ties. It is our goal to perform a thorough investigation into your finances to get a clear picture of your assets. Throughout the process, we will encourage the full and honest financial disclosure of both parties.

Marital Property Attorney Serving Richmond, Virginia

In Virginia, property is to be equitably divided in a divorce. In these cases, equitable is not always synonymous with equal. That is why a detailed examination and valuation of all assets is necessary. We will typically classify assets and property as either marital or separate. Separate property can include:

  • Property or assets acquired by either party prior to the marriage
  • Property or assets acquired as gifts during the marriage
  • Property or assets that were inherited during the marriage

Conversely, marital property is property or assets acquired during the marriage that both parties have a stake in. This can mean property that has both parties’ names on the title, or a business formed by both spouses. When dealing with these potentially complex matters in a divorce, it is wise to have an experienced asset protection attorney on your side. We understand the complicated nature of these valuations and negotiations. Our Richmond Family lawyers are confident in their ability to guide you to a successful resolution in the most efficient manner possible.

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