Parental Relocation

Post-Divorce Relocation and Child Custody Issues

One of the most complicated aspects of the aftermath of a divorce is the issue of parental relocation. When the custody order or final decree of divorce addresses child custody, the order must change if one of the spouses moves out of Virginia, or even a significant distance away within the state. This is especially true if the party wishing to move is the spouse with primary custody of the child. The move will significantly affect the other spouse’s rights regarding access to the child.

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High Burden

In cases where the custodial parent is seeking to move out of state with the child, the court is reluctant to grant this request. The custodial parent wanting to relocate results in a severe limitation of the other spouse’s rights to be with the child. The courts have created a high burden, and one that very few custodial parents are able to meet to the court’s satisfaction.

We cannot promise specific results, and the relocation issue is a challenging one. However, we will use all of our experience and skill to get the results you desire.

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