Bus Plane Train Accidents

Complicated Litigation

Bus, train and plane accident litigation is the most complex and contentious form of personal injury litigation. These accidents usually involve wrongful death claims, and if there are survivors, the injuries they sustain are usually catastrophic:

Complexities of Plane Accident Litigation

Plane accident cases are extremely complex. Immediately after the crash, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) conducts an investigation, which can last up to 36 months.  Our attorneys are prepared to investigate all facts of the plane crash. Including the NTSB reports and locating the evidence necessary to prove liability in your case. In cases involving major airlines, our staff will work with other firms involved in the case, enabling us to handle any size commercial airline accident or injury matter on your behalf.

FELA Claims for Train Accidents

The Federal Employees Liability Act (FELA) is a great benefit to insured railroad workers. It regulates claims made by railroad workers hurt on the job, and it does not limit the financial recovery you are able to receive. The train company you work for, as well as its insurance representatives will be talking to you right away, looking for some way to minimize or deny your injury compensation. It is very important to contact an attorney immediately after suffering injuries in a railroad accident, so that we can help you defend your rights and get you fully compensated for your injury.

The Advantage of Experience

With attorneys experienced as defense counsel in bus, train and plane accident litigation, we know where to look to find evidence of liability, and we know how the other side will approach the litigation. This gives Cravens and Noll a tremendous edge in terms of negotiating and litigating. Going up against bus, train and plane companies and their insurance carriers is no small task — you need every advantage possible. You need the attorneys of Cravens and Noll.

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