Car Accidents

If you have been in a car accident, you are probably dealing with the pain and physical challenge of recovering. The last thing you should have to worry about is a lawsuit to recover your medical costs and wages. Let our lawyers who are experienced in dealing with car accidents in Richmond and Petersburg help you! Click here to learn the first steps you should take after a car accident.

Let the Richmond and Petersburg car accident lawyers of Cravens & Noll carry that legal burden for you. Helping injured Virginians is what we do. We take on the legal burden so our clients can rest and recover. Your family needs you to get back on your feet. Our car accident attorneys will do everything necessary to get you the best settlement or verdict possible in your case so you can recover from:

Our auto accident lawyers in Richmond and Petersburg help injured clients and families who have lost loved ones in a  wrongful death due to negligence or accident.

Contact Our Car Accident Attorneys in Richmond and Petersburg VA Immediately After an Accident

Years of experience car accident litigation has taught us that one of the most important aspects of auto accident litigation is immediate and professional accident investigation. As time goes by, evidence is destroyed or lost, and witnesses get harder to find and more forgetful. It is essential that you call our Richmond and Petersburg car accident attorneys right away to ensure the preservation of the essential facts and witness testimony to ensure a full and fair settlement or damage award.

Car Accident Litigation With Knowledge and Preparation

Our car accident lawyers excel at preparation of both the case and the client for success at trial. car accident attorneys in Chesterfield, Henrico, and surrounding areas know how to research and prepare arguments that we will make on your behalf before the judge and jury, and we know how to prepare you testimony and trial.

Joe Thompson Cravens, our president and managing partner, has years of experience representing insurance and self insured companies during auto accident litigation. We bring thorough strategic knowledge of how these cases are litigated from the defense as well as the plaintiffs’ perspective. When you work When you work with our car accident attorneys in Richmond, Chesterfield, or Petersburg, you will receive a thorough explanation of the legal process you are going through as well as the best way to handle settlement offers from the insurance company.

Our car accident lawyers in Richmond and Petersburg are very knowledgeable about the medical and rehabilitative care process. We keep a close eye out for our clients, to make sure they are getting proper care. Our car accident attorneys in Richmond and Henrico make sure our clients have been diagnosed properly, so that they are given full compensation for all of their injuries.

Richmond and Chesterfield Car Crash Attorney

In Richmond, Chesterfield, Henrico, Colonial Heights, and Harrisburg, our auto accident lawyers offer initial consultations. Call 804-332-6161 or  contact us online.

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