Compensation for Fracture Injuries and Broken Bones

Unless the negligent party simply agrees to give you money for your injuries, the legal system is the only avenue we have to pursue just and fair compensation for personal injuries in this country. You might not like the idea of calling a personal injury lawyer and initiating a lawsuit. But if someone else’s negligence or the incompetence of a doctor has caused you to suffer fractures or broken bone injuries, you deserve compensation for the medical bills, lost work and pain and suffering you have to endure on account of the injuries.

Causes of Fracture and Broken Bone Injuries

Fractures and broken bones are among the most common of injuries that people suffer as a result of:

  • Car accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Drunk driving accidents
  • Semi truck/commercial truck accidents
  • Bus/plane/train accidents
  • Government negligence and error (Federal Tort Claims)

In accidents that result in injuries, we have to cover all the bases for you. Our team starts with an immediate investigation to determine the cause of liability for your accident. Our firm works with engineers and doctors to help us establish liability and medical evaluations to determine the cause, the extent of damage and the ongoing costs of getting you back on your feet.

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