Delivery Truck Accident Attorney

Delivery trucks travel the roads of this nation every day. They are generally larger vehicles transporting goods or produce from one location to another. The risk they pose on the highway to casual users, vehicle and pedestrian traffic is far greater when the vehicles are not properly maintained or the drivers not properly trained.

The risk posed by these large vehicles is recognized in that delivery trucks and other commercial vehicles have various legal requirements that their owners and operators must meet in order to operate, such as:

If you have been involved in a commercial vehicle accident, contact Cravens & Noll immediately and ensure that you are properly cared for, your injuries documented and treatment begun.

The Cravens & Noll commercial vehicle accident team is dedicated to pursuing, investigating and litigating these types of accidents. We want to keep the roads and highways safe by prosecuting civil suits against those companies that take risks with the lives of American citizens.

The attorneys at Cravens & Noll have lectured commercial vehicle industry experts about safety concerns, risk factors and the safety standards applicable to the traveling and commercial vehicle industry. Our goal is to keep the highways safe for everyone.

Contact the Richmond Commercial Truck Accident Attorneys at Cravens & Noll

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident involving a delivery truck or other commercial vehicle, you deserve the peace of mind that comes from working with a law firm that has the experience necessary to hold the responsible party accountable for the injuries you have suffered. Turn to the experienced Richmond delivery truck accident lawyers of Cravens & Noll. To schedule an initial consultation, call 804-332-6161 or toll free at 866-547-6373, or simply contact us online.

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