Rollover Accident

A rollover accident is not as common as rear-end or head-on collisions, but when it happens, it can cause catastrophic and fatal injuries for drivers and passengers. If you were in a rollover accident or a loved one suffered fatal injuries as a result of a rollover crash, a lawyer can help you recover monetary compensation.

Typically, vehicles with a high center of gravity are more susceptible to rollovers. SUVs and taller pickup trucks have a higher risk than smaller cars. Additionally, poor weather and negligent road design can increase the potential for an accident. At Cravens and Noll, our firm has a long history of successfully representing clients who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents and collisions.

Rollover Accident Injury Attorney

Vehicle rollovers are dangerous for several reasons. The most common injuries we see are the result of two aspects of this type of accident.

  • Roof crush: Vehicles are designed to sustain a great deal of damage. However, a roof cannot typically maintain the entire weight of the car or truck. In a rollover accident, the most common danger is roof crush. When the roof is crushed inward, it can cause significant brain, neck or spinal cord damage to anyone in the vehicle.
  • Driver or passenger ejection: In an accident as serious as a rollover, many safety systems might fail. It is not uncommon for the violent motion of the vehicle to cause seat failure or seat belt failure. When this happens, it is possible for the driver or passengers to be thrown from the vehicle.
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