Nursing Home Medication Errors

Nursing home residents typically enter a facility having been prescribed many different medications from various physicians for multiple medical issues. Federal and state laws require detailed record keeping regarding the on-time distribution of medication to patients at the correct intervals and in the correct dosage.

With the daily number of doses to cart, administer and document, medication errors are one of the most common malpractice and/or criminal events that occur in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

The Cravens & Noll Richmond malpractice team has reviewed tens of thousands of medical administration records (MARs) and is adept at interpreting the data recorded or omitted therein. Tactically, this is a strategic advantage in the settlement phase of a case.

Effective Communication Can Help Prevent Medication Errors

Talk to your elder family members about their medication, whether they are receiving it and whether they feel it is benefiting them.

Ask the staff to review the MARs with you and the elder patient on visits so everyone is familiar with the medication regimen. This is especially true if there is more than one resident with the same last name.

When Medication Errors Occur, We Can Help You Take Action

Cravens & Noll’s Richmond malpractice attorneys are experienced in analyzing, reviewing and assessing potential medication errors in nursing home and assisted living cases, and are prepared to try your case to verdict.

Contact the Virginia Nursing Home Abuse Law Firm of Cravens & Noll

If a loved one in a nursing home has been injured through a medication error, you need to take steps to ensure that he or she is receiving the care that is deserved. Our experienced attorneys can help you uncover the truth and hold the proper parties responsible for any substandard care your loved one may have received. Turn to the experienced Virginia nursing home medication error attorneys of Cravens & Noll. To schedule an initial consultation, call 804-332-6161 or toll free at 866-547-6373, or simply contact us online.

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