Minimizing DUI Consequences

Drunk Driving Defense: Challenging the Evidence involved in a DUI Arrest:

Our criminal defense attorneys in Richmond and surrounding areas examine your case carefully for weaknesses of both procedure and proof. Our attorneys do our best at minimizing DUI consequences. Our DUI lawyers can challenge the circumstances of your traffic stop, the operation of a checkpoint, a field sobriety test, or your arrest for driving under the influence. Whenever possible, our DUI defense attorneys can also attack the evidence of driving while intoxicated by submitting your blood alcohol sample for expert forensic analysis. Whether or not your case is suitable for trial, we can provide you with effective drunk driving defense to protect you from the worst consequences of a DUI conviction.

Our DUI lawyers may be able to help you obtain a restricted permit even after your license has been revoked if you retain us for drunk driving defense. For licensed professionals such as physicians, nurses, lawyers, or teachers, our DUI defense attorneys can help protect you from disciplinary action that your licensing board might bring against you. And for university students at schools such as UVA, VMI, VCU, the University of Richmond, Hampton, Virginia State, or Old Dominion, our DUI lawyers can handle your case with an eye toward minimizing the damage to your current academic standing or your future professional prospects. For drivers under 21, a blood alcohol concentration of just .02 percent will support a DUI conviction.

In felony DUI cases, our attorneys approach your drunk driving defense the same way we would with any other serious criminal offense. Our DUI defense attorneys in Richmond and surrounding areas concentrate on reducing or eliminating the worst charges as early in the case as possible while preparing your defense for the most effective presentation possible at trial.

DUI Defense Experience on Your Side:

At Cravens and Noll, our fees range from $500-$1,500 for misdemeanor offenses. While this may seem costly, it is to your advantage to hire an experienced defense lawyer. We will approach your defense the same way we would for clients over the legal drinking age of 21.

Our defense attorneys understand state law and know how to effectively challenge the police and prosecutors in your case. Because of our experience handling these cases, we also know the right questions to ask. Did the arresting officer have reasonable cause to stop your car? Was the breath test administered correctly? Do you have medical conditions or other issues that would cause you to fail the roadside sobriety tests? We will attack the evidence and put forth an aggressive defense to protect your rights and interests.

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