Virginia Ashley Madison List Divorce Interview


Transcript from August 26, 2015 Interview on Newsradio 1140 WRVA  Twitter: @1140WRVA

[Jimmie] Seven thirty five here on news radio 1140 W.R.V.A. Richmond is number 6 on Ashley Madison’s list of cities. Number six! What does that tell you about how many Ashley Madison users there in the metro Richmond area and of course thanks to the hack we’re finding out email addresses and alot of information, we’ve just found out that Donald McEachin’s name and Senator Tommy Norment’s name appear on the Ashley Madison list So here’s the thing what is this doing to marriages? if we’re number six on the Ashley Madison list what are we like number six on pending divorce cases. Joe Cravens joins us attorney at Cravens and Noll. Are you seeing an uptick at all Joe?

[JOE] Not at this point Jimmy but this is all brand new information the first demand made on that Ashley Madison Web site was in July and the first release of information as you know wasn’t for a couple of weeks ago and we don’t know that we know all of the information yet they had thirty gigabytes of data released but this is going to be an amazing journey I think for public officials not just in Richmond but throughout Virginia and the country.

[Jimmie] Absolutely. Let me ask you about adultery laws because most states do have a law against adultery are they enforced anymore?

[JOE] No, Virginia in fact has one but there hasn’t been prosecution on that statue in quite some time in Virginia. The military of course and we have Fort Lee nearby. Clearly they do have adultery laws under the Uniform Code of Military Justice and they do enforce them quite regularly as we’ve seen some general officer’s in the last few years as well as many other soldiers but I would not I would think that in the near future we will see. See some consults about this if nothing else. Spouses going and trying to find out if they suspect their spouse may be unfaithful. Trying to locate whether or not their spouses email was released.

[Jimmie] And I’m thinking too Joe that even though adultery might not be in force it is still is it not the one of those things you can list as a cause for dissolution of marriage and I would think any judge looking at that that probably going to feel compelled to maybe punish the guilty party a little bit.

[JOE] Well, absolutely in Virginia you do have a fault ground of divorce for adultery and people sue for adultery is a basis for divorce all of the time and one certainly wouldn’t want to be the attorney defending the wife or husband who had their Ashley Madison account and all of the things that are listed on those accounts.  I actually did a little web surfing yesterday about that and I think it’s going to me amazing there’s there’s forty million accounts total so far. Wow.

[Jimmie] We’re talking to attorney Joe Craven’s from the law firm of Cravens and Noll here on News Radio eleven forty W.R.V.A. and I take it too Joe there’s a whole bunch of other potential lawsuits or well there is a civil suit for not keeping the data private.  We’ve got you know several suicides connected to this there’s a potential wrongful death lawsuit there wouldn’t you think?

[JOE] Absolutely,  the legal ramifications of this are going to go way beyond divorce there have been two large law firms that have already started an advertising process to establish class actions to make class action lawsuits against the Canadian company. Avid Life media who runs Ashley Madison website and those are just Americans suits but there will be suits I’m sure with Canadian firms as well but with two suicides and there may be more to or other activities to come once people really start finding out who’s web addresses were listed on Ashley Madison but I would caution anyone the way the Ashley Madison website was set up there was no actual proof that you were who you said you were. Someone else could have used your name Jimmy and set up a Web site and if they if they ever knew your email address they could have used your email address and set up the Ashley Madison site so there’s going to be some revelation and probably some suits there from people who had never knew what Ashley Madison was.

[Jimmie]  Wrongly accused right Like you said the trickle down on this is crazy.  Joe Cravens.Thank you sir that’s attorney Craven’s from Craven’s and Noll joining us here our news radio eleven forty W.R.V.A..

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